Transform your life

Create the life you truly love

You are here because you want something more in your life.

Do you have a deep longing to cultivate a purposeful life and meaningful relationships yet there’s something holding you back? Are you often feeling stuck, unfulfilled, lost, stressed, anxious, or uncertain? We all have more control over our life than we have been taught to believe.

Redefine what you believe is possible

Many of us have been conditioned to conform, to keep quiet, to please others, and to ignore our own needs and desires. We end up suppressing our true selves and dimming our own lights.

But deep down, you are coded to SHINE.

You can unlearn the limiting stories you’ve been holding. You have exactly what is needed within you to transform your difficulties, heal from past wounds, and be truly empowered.

My role is to help you peel away all the layers that no longer serve you so that you can unfold your true potential.

Hi, I am Fumie

Therapist, Coach, Mother, Partner, Friend
Empowerment / Embodied Healing / Trauma Recovery /Conscious Parenting

support you in your journey of healing and growth so that you can peel away the blocks that have been holding you back. You can unlearn the limiting stories and uncover your true potential that await your exploration.

My passion for healing and growth started over 20 years.

Growing up, I saw my mom go through a tough battle with depression, and it sparked my interest in understanding how our minds, bodies, hearts, and relationships heal.

Everything fell apart when I tragically lost both my parents to suicide. It left me feeling lost, stuck in unhealthy relationships, and struggling with fear of abandonment, anorexia, low self-esteem, anxiety, mistrust, shame, and an overwhelm…

How we can work together

I use a compassionate and client-focused approach that covers three important aspects of healing and growth: guiding you through an embodied processes of healing and trauma recovery, empowering you to create a life and relationships that you truly love, and supporting you in being the best parent you can be.

I will meet you where you are in your life right now. There is no standard plan that everyone follows. Each person’s journey is unique, and we’ll work together to find what feels right for you and your personal growth.

Trust your own journey.

Create the Life You Truly Love

Unlearn the limiting stories you’ve been holding about yourself, and release those hidden blocks and core beliefs that are holding you back. Experience a deep transformation that will empower you from the inside out.

You’ll unlock the power within you to create a life that fills you with joy, meaningful connections, abundance, and inner peace.

Embodied Healing / Trauma Recovery

Reconnect with the innate power within you to heal, grow, and thrive. You can release the burdens of past wounds, liberate yourself from pain, and cultivate a deep sense of safety, wholeness, and freedom.

Transform your parenting experience

You can navigate the exciting and often tricky journey of raising children without being triggered or anxiously over-controlling the process.

By exploring new perspectives and healing your own wounds, you will be able to truly understand and accept your children and yourself.

This will allow you to build deeper trust and connections and to create a nurturing home environment where both children and parents can grow and flourish.

What my clients are saying

Experience deep healing and lasting change

You can find your inner compass, reconnect to your essence, and live your life to its full potential.

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