Meet Fumie

Coach, Therapist
Mother, Partner, Friend

You are here because you know you want something more in your life.
That’s all you need to begin your journey.

You want to feel better. You want stronger relationships. You want exciting chances. You want to live a life full of meaning. You want to be a great parent. You want closer bonds with the people you care about. You want to feel happier.

You deserve to experience all the amazing things that life has in store for you.

My mission is to help you identify and release the blocks that have been holding you back.

My Mission at Zen Tofu

I have been searching for healing my whole life, since I was a little child, even though I didn’t exactly know what it meant.

My mission here at Zen Tofu is to share my findings and experiences and support those who are also seeking healing and personal growth.

I offer one-on-one consultations and write articles on topics such as healing, empowerment, transformation, trauma recovery, relationships, parenting, and challenging biases and social inequalities.

But why Zen Tofu? I often get asked this question, so let me explain!

In Japan, we say our family name first, and my name is TO-ki FU-mie. So, I took the first syllables of my names and combined them to make “TOFU.” It’s a fun way to use a part of my name, and everyone knows about Tofu, right? 

Over the years, I started using “TOFU” in different projects, and even named my company Tofu Studio.

Now, let’s talk about “Zen.” It’s a word that represents feeling calm, peaceful, and happy. When everything feels just right inside. And that’s exactly what I want to help people find through my work. 

Who is Fumie?

I am an introvert, slightly geeky, creative, joyful, rebellious, fearful at times, and wild at heart.

As a child, I was filled with joy and creative curiosity. I have beautiful memories of lazy afternoons with moments of magic and laughter. But I also remember the sharp pain and alienation of growing up with my mom’s depression.

Growing up seeing my mom go through a tough battle with her depression, sparked my interest in understanding how our minds, bodies, hearts, and relationships heal.

Everything fell apart when I tragically lost both my parents to suicide. It left me feeling lost, stuck in unhealthy relationships, and struggling with fear of abandonment, anorexia, low self-esteem, anxiety, mistrust, shame, and an overwhelm.

But my passion for healing and growth helped me find my way through the pain. Over the past 20 years, I’ve delved deep into psychology, healing, trauma, and how our minds and bodies are connected. I’ve also explored relationships, parenting, and personal development, seeking answers and insights to heal and grow.

Through the healing work, I have reconnected to my inner essence, power, joy, freedom, inner peace, and creativity.

Today I live near the beautiful forests of northern Europe with my loving, humorous partner and our equally loving, humorous, and creative son.

How we can work together

I use a compassionate and client-focused approach that covers three important aspects of healing and growth: guiding you through an embodied processes of healing and trauma recovery, empowering you to create a life and relationships that you truly love, and supporting you in being the best parent you can be.

I will meet you where you are in your life right now. There is no standard plan that everyone follows. Each person’s journey is unique, and we’ll work together to find what feels right for you and your personal growth.

Trust your own journey.

What my clients say

Create the Life You Truly Love

Unlearn the limiting stories you’ve been holding about yourself, and release those hidden blocks and core beliefs that are holding you back. Experience a deep transformation that will empower you from the inside out.

You’ll unlock the power within you to create a life that fills you with joy, meaningful connections, abundance, and inner peace.

Embodied Healing / Trauma Recovery

Reconnect with the innate power within you to heal, grow, and thrive. You can release the burdens of past wounds, liberate yourself from pain, and cultivate a deep sense of safety, wholeness, and freedom.


Transform your parenting experience

You can navigate the exciting and often tricky journey of raising children without being triggered or anxiously over-controlling the process.

By exploring new perspectives and healing your own wounds, you will be able to truly understand and accept your children and yourself.

This will allow you to build deeper trust and connections and to create a nurturing home environment where both children and parents can grow and flourish.


Here are some of the teachings and philosophies which have deeply influenced my life and my work:

Childhood/Adult/Intergenerational Trauma, Addiction (Gabor Mate, Peter Levine, Bruce Perry, Pete Walker, Alice Miller)
Trauma, Nervous System (Stephen Porges, Irene Lyon)
Life, Spirituality, Mindfulness and Relationships (Eckhart Tolle, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepack Chopra)
Child Development and Interpersonal neurobiology (Dan Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson, Mona Delahook)
Montessori (Maria Montessori, Susan Mayclin Stephenson)
Unconditional Parenting (Alfie Kohn)

Conscious Parenting (Shefali Tsabary)
RIE (Magda Gerber, Janet Lansbury)
Subconscious mind (Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza)
Healing Pain (John Sarno)
Non Violent Communication (Marshal Rosenberg)
Racial and social justice (Martin Luther King, Alex Haley, and many more)

To name only a few…

Coming soon: my recommended reading list for more inspiration

You have exactly what is needed within you to heal

We all have more control over our life and health than we have been taught to believe.
You can find your inner compass, reconnect to your essence, and live your life to its full potential. 


Uncover what is holding you back