Working with Fumie has been fundamental in shifting my perspective of life that I feel part of me has been reborn. It helped me shed the heavy weight of trauma, shame, anger, desperation and much more that was making me feel stuck and incapable. Going through the QEC healing has been transformative and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to do it with Fumie whom I found generous, empathetic, focused and dedicated to her mission. I benefited so much from this process that I referred her to everyone in my circle! Furthermore Fumie has the ability to create a genuine connection with her clients that make you feel connected for a lifetime. She’s so welcoming and keeps her doors open.
Tamara Testimonial
Consultant, Canada
Working with Fumie has been an incredible transformational experience. I have regained my power in ways I could have only dreamed of at the start of our work. I am truly different, more powerful, more authentic. I can only wish that everyone has the chance to work with her. Thank you Fumie for your incredibly important work, your deep listening, and the depth of space you hold.
Zen Tofu Client Review Testimonial Alexandra
Marketing directeor, USA
Working with Fumie has created changes in my life that I didn’t DREAM were possible! Fumie guided me through the trauma I experienced as a child and helped me heal wounds that had to be addressed to move forward. After just a few months of working together, I’ve developed stronger connections with my husband and children, created a new awareness about my own feelings and energy, and feel more grounded despite what obstacles and life circumstances come my way. These changes have allowed me to connect with my creativity and own power to begin building my life on my own terms. Fumie is an incredible therapist who listened and guided me exactly where I needed to be. If you are considering QEC, I highly recommend working with Fumie, you will be AMAZED at the changes you see in your own life.
Zen Tofu Client Review Testimonial Jana
Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor, USA
I reached Fumie after a relentless dysfunctional and excessively draining pattern of responding to people close to me. Fumie offers permission for expanse and possibility using an acutely attentive listening style and techniques of strengthening your nervous system to a point where you begin to sense and own your natural needs, without fear or aggression. I’m entering a new, vital, and largely unfamiliar phase of my life: Peace of mind, watching the drama unfold around me without feeling knee-jerked into solving it, being completely immersed, or feeling responsible for other people's lives. It’s so liberating and precious. I sincerely recommend Fumie to anyone seeking an alternative, subtle, and deeply healing approach to inner peace.
Client Testimonial - zen tofu - Fumie Toki
After experiencing therapy for over 20 years working with Fumie helped me to unlock and set free some of the trauma and fear that I was still carrying. The approach with QEC is powerful and I would recommend it to anyone who is ready (or even not sure if they’re ready) to HEAL. I thank God for bringing Fumie and this practice into my life during a divorce and transition. While working through childhood and more recent challenges she held space for safety, validation, and growth. She is doing Gods work and bringing healing and hope. Thank you Fumie,
Fumie Toki Zen Tofu Healing Trauma Client Testimonial Review Katie
Real Estate Agent, USA
A dear friend of mine introduced me to Fumie when I was drowning in deep pain, shame, and guilt. I was skeptical on how I can change facts, events, or beliefs that are rooted in my mind, body, and soul. Fumie was there for me through my recovery journey. With her, I learned that wounds & traumas can be healed. I discovered that I can regain my strength, in fact I'm stronger than I have ever been. With Fumie's gentle empathetic approach, I was able to let go of what was holding me back from living life to the fullest. I'm very grateful for this gift.
Zen Tofu Client Review Testimonial Nesreen
UX UI Designer, Canada
I've had an ongoing physical pain issue (neuropathy) for the last 7 years. I have tried many different forms of healing, some worked a little, some not. So I was open to try QEC with Fumie. I believed I was doing QEC because of my neuropathy, however, I realized quickly there were a few things I was becoming aware of that were very revealing. (I've been meditating for over 20 years, I do not put much emphasis on my body when I meditate) Fumie helped me recognize certain aspects; physically, emotionally, mentally, that I did not see. It was all done very gently and I trusted the process.

I sleep better, less harsh dreams. I feel even more at peace, less anxious. The neuropathy has softened and I don't need medication now. I'm now content with the past. It's an awesome experience to watch old patterns arise and gently let them go. Very Liberating. Fumie is great therapist, if you're reading this, I highly recommend giving her a call. You will be glad you did.
Zen Tofu - Fumie Toki - Client Review Testimonial Mark
Meditation teacher, USA
QEC is a modality of trauma recovery that is effective, gentle, structured, and thorough. Working with Fumie significantly moved me along my healing journey, by getting at the final super deep trauma in my nervous system I hadn't quite been able to get at. Because of the results I've experienced doing QEC with Fumie, I've recommended her to friends, family and clients and they have left her sessions feeling significantly better. It is a surprisingly effective approach to trauma recovery, it is almost magical! You don't need a lot of sessions, you don't need to do any homework, you don't even need to think about anything between sessions. For anyone who has tried various modalities to recover from trauma and have not found the right ones, I recommend that you try QEC with Fumie.
Zen Tofu - Fumie - Client Review Sherry
Program director & Coach, Canada
Working with Fumie has been an incredibly uplifting and reconstructive experience. The QEC therapy focused on childhood events has been especially helpful both in allowing me to let go of insecurities and develop a greater understanding of myself and my actions. I would highly recommend Zen Tofu to anyone who believes they are being held back or feel lost due to past wounds although the therapy is helpful for other situations as well.
Fumie Toki Zen Tofu Healing Trauma Client Testimonial Review James
My work with Fumie has been deeply transformative and a steady unfolding path of discovery. Discovery about myself, my past present and future. Why I am the way I am and how I can let go of patterns and pieces that no longer serve me. I would recommend Fumie to anyone that wants a safe space to create change for themselves in any way.
Zen Tofu Client Review Dee
Coach & Speaker, Australia
I started the QEC sessions out of curiosity, I continued fascinated by the process of working on the subconscious. Fumie has great qualities of analysis, synthesis and retranscription. Our explorations have brought about awareness and changes. I wish everyone to be able to live this adventure of self-discovery.🙏
Zen Tofu - Fumie Toki - Client Testimonial Marie Caroline
Qi-Gong & MBSR teacher, France
Working with Fumie is a delight! She holds a beautiful space so her clients can unpack past traumas and create the life they deserve. She helped me to identify the specific events that were affecting me and dive into those events to heal and recover. I feel rejuvenated, empowered and grounded like never before. I had weekly physical pain/discomfort that I was very surprised to realize had disappeared with the coaching.
Zen Tofu Client Review Andreanne
Parenting Coach, Canada
Before working with Fumie, I had been feeling stuck at work for a long time, and the future of my carrier seemed hazy. I had heard about this therapy for over 6 months, and one day I decided to give it a try. As we talked about various things in each session, I began to discover more about myself and where I wanted to go, including my work and my family relationships. It was as if many things were mysteriously setting off a chain reaction, and before I realized it, the configuration of my surroundings was changing, both physically and psychologically. After six sessions of therapy, I am convinced that by changing myself, I can also change the circumstances around me and people around me start to shift. I also learned that it is never too late to do anything and that everything is about "timing". Thanks for a great guide. I am looking forward to the next step.
Client Testimonial - zen tofu - Fumie Toki
What is amazing about Fumie is her ability to hold space without judgement, see you in moments of difficult emotions, explain to you what is happening when you are in awe. The journey has been effort free and life changing. I am more joyful and healthier since working with Fumie. I have full trust in her leadership and guidance. She is authentic and compassionate. I am very grateful and humbled.
Zen Tofu - Fumie Toki - Client Testimonial Karen
Social worker & Parent Coach, Canada
Fumie and QEC came to me at such a perfect moment. I tried opening Pandora´s boxes of my beliefs and background story but somehow it turned into chaos. Working with Fumie helped me declutter in such a profound way. Every session brought another layer of experience. The shame and guilt around anything were my burdens, so much I thought that being guilty was my superpower. Oh and my fawn response, too. It’s such a relief to shake them off. Fumie, thank you for your presence, wisdom, space you gave me, calmness and you. Thank you for helping me to address and release some very painful childhood traumas, you provided such a safe space for me that I could really reach and share the deepest hurts from that experience and connect the dots. Thank you for helping me reframe my responses out of habitual. Thank you for helping me level up awareness around my own behaviours and being grounded like never before. I am so grateful for the time spent with you and the QEC. Would do it any time again 😊
Capture décran 2022 09 05 à 13.25.27 e1662396612215
Working with Fumie has been a transformational experience for me. She has a soothing, empathetic and non-judgemental presence and I felt really heard and seen. Working with her allowed me to open up and connect deeply to myself, gently removing the blocks that were holding me back in my life. It's truly a healing journey. Not only has it helped me clear my anxieties and fears, I now have a deeper awareness of my feelings and my needs and a deeper connection with my husband.
Zen Tofu - Fumie Toki - Client Testimonial Manon
Fumie is kind, focused and empathetic. During our sessions, I went through stages of denial (that nothing is wrong) and shut down (I will be judged). Fumie's presence and work helped me come out of my shell, trust her and bring subtle and obvious transformations in myself and my parenting that have been instrumental to say the least. Our sessions have ended but the path she helped me on continues as I discover a new awakening every now and then 🙂 She guided and supported me in identifying some of my limiting beliefs and then worked confidently through them with me to help me see an alternate perspective about myself and especially with schooling situation with my oldest child, and for that I am truly grateful to her. Fumie has been very generous with her time and resources. She has been there for me throughout our time together through sessions, text messages and even complimentary session to help me figure something out with my daughter. You will go places, Fumie! You are a star!
Zen Tofu - Fumie Toki - Client Review Jana
Saudi Arabia

Hi, I am Fumie

Therapist, Coach, Mother, Partner, Friend
Empowerment / Embodied Healing / Trauma Recovery /Conscious Parenting

support you in your journey of healing and growth so that you can peel away the blocks that have been holding you back. You can unlearn the limiting stories and uncover your true potential that await your exploration.

My passion for healing and growth started over 20 years.

Growing up, I saw my mom go through a tough battle with depression, and it sparked my interest in understanding how our minds, bodies, hearts, and relationships heal.

Everything fell apart when I tragically lost both my parents to suicide. It left me feeling lost, stuck in unhealthy relationships, and struggling with fear of abandonment, anorexia, low self-esteem, anxiety, mistrust, shame, and an overwhelm…

How we can work together

I use a compassionate and client-focused approach that covers three important aspects of healing and growth: guiding you through an embodied processes of healing and trauma recovery, empowering you to create a life and relationships that you truly love, and supporting you in being the best parent you can be.

I will meet you where you are in your life right now. There is no standard plan that everyone follows. Each person’s journey is unique, and we’ll work together to find what feels right for you and your personal growth.

Trust your own journey.

Create the Life You Truly Love

Unlearn the limiting stories you’ve been holding about yourself, and release those hidden blocks and core beliefs that are holding you back. Experience a deep transformation that will empower you from the inside out.

You’ll unlock the power within you to create a life that fills you with joy, meaningful connections, abundance, and inner peace.

Embodied Healing / Trauma Recovery

Reconnect with the innate power within you to heal, grow, and thrive. You can release the burdens of past wounds, liberate yourself from pain, and cultivate a deep sense of safety, wholeness, and freedom.

Transform your parenting experience

You can navigate the exciting and often tricky journey of raising children without being triggered or anxiously over-controlling the process.

By exploring new perspectives and healing your own wounds, you will be able to truly understand and accept your children and yourself.

This will allow you to build deeper trust and connections and to create a nurturing home environment where both children and parents can grow and flourish.

You have exactly what is needed within you to heal

We all have more control over our life and health than we have been taught to believe.
You can find your inner compass, reconnect to your essence, and live your life to its full potential. 


Uncover what is holding you back