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Respectful Parenting without being permissive

Respectful parenting without being permissive: 10 tips for success

As your children grow and their need for independence and autonomy grow, it might seem that you are constantly faced with new and unexpected dynamics in your relationship. Incorporating the respectful parenting approach in your family can help you navigate parenthood with balance. And you may be surprised how children love to cooperate once we understand how to treat them

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Create the life you truly love

free yourself from what has been holding you back

You have exactly what is needed within you

We all have more control over our life and health than we have been taught to believe.
You can find your inner compass, reconnect to your essence, and live your life to its full potential. 


Uncover what is holding you back

Your healing journey

empower yourself

I offer a safe and compassionate space where you can gently uncover what is holding you back. I will meet you exactly where you are in your life today so that you can start creating the life you truly love. 

When stress and trauma are gently released from your body, your nervous system will find its equilibrium, and internal stressors are transformed into positive nurturing thoughts.

As the psychological and physical imbalances resolve, you will experience deep healing and well-being. You will feel safe again. 

You will find awareness and deep connection to your self and those around you.  You will gain health, vitality, focus, and clarity.

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